The Secret of the Irish Castle by Santa Montefiore

Thank you to the publisher for sending me a free copy of the book.

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

It is 1939 and peace has flourished since the Great War ended. But much has changed for the Deverill family and now a new generation is waiting in the wings.

Martha Wallace came to Dublin from her home in America to find her birth mother. But instead she has lost her heart to the impossibly charming JP Deverill. Then she discovers that her mother comes from the same place as JP, and her fate seems sealed.

Bridie Doyle, now Countess di Marcantonio and mistress of Castle Deverill, is determined to make the castle she used to work in her home. But her flamboyant husband Cesare has other ideas. And as his eye strays away from his wife, those close to them start to wonder if he really is who he says he is.

Kitty Deverill has come to terms with her life with her husband Robert, and their two children. But then Jack O’Leary, the love of her life, returns to Ballinakelly. And this time his heart belongs elsewhere…


I had a lot of fun reading this one, even though I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s meant as a “fun” book. I enjoyed the escape back to 1939 and countries I’ve never visited. And? There were ghosts. Hello!

I should mention that this is the third and final book in the Deverill Chronicles, but I read it as a stand-alone. I think it read just fine this way, but there were plenty of plot points that I’d probably have had a deeper appreciation for/understanding of if I’d have read the first two books. I would say if you’re looking for a meaty series to spend a lot of time with, go for the entire trilogy. If you’re looking for a single historical fiction story to get lost in for a weekend, you’ll be just fine reading this one on its own.

So what made it such a fun read, you ask? It felt like a soap opera. There were love triangles, missed connections, people from “the wrong side of the tracks” marrying one another, scandal, and surprises galore. It’s not done in a cheesy, over-the-top way, but rather in a way that quietly draws you in so you don’t realize how much time is passing as you’re curled up on the couch under your cozy blanket. I loved visualizing the scenery, and all of the different personalities of the characters.

Fans of big, hearty historical fiction stories with a romance focus are going to want to check this book (and series) out.

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Book stats: paperback, 480 pages, William Morrow Paperbacks, August 14, 2018

Thank you to TLC Book Tours for organizing this tour.

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  1. I think I’d really enjoy reading this book – WWII, Ireland, castles, what more could you want?!

    Thanks for being on the tour!

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