First Impressions: The Beginner’s Guide to Winning an Election by Michael R. French

Thanks to the author for sending me a free copy of the book as part of my blog tour participation.

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

In 2025, the “youthification” of democracy has inspired younger candidates to challenge the ineffective and hypocritical gray-hairs in Congress. Running for student body president at an Indiana high school, political novice Brit Kitridge takes on incumbent Matthew Boltanski, who, with help from a mystery backer, already has his eyes set on Washington. Brit gains courage and insights from a wise history teacher on how to win, but ultimately finds a maze of deceit and corruption in her school. Is exposing the truth enough to win the election? 

First impressions:

I love the idea behind this book. I’m a strong proponent of exercising our right to vote, so I was very excited about a book written to entice young adults to want to participate in the whole democratic process. I also appreciate the futuristic setting, which sounds like it’ll keep the story feeling fresh and exciting. And after making it through the first few chapters, I’m also enjoying Brit’s voice. She’s smart and relatable, without coming across as “too much” (which, for me, is a reason I don’t always enjoy diving into politically themed books).

Overall, The Beginner’s Guide to Winning An Election holds a lot of potential to be an engaging for young readers, with a side of “lesson” tossed in for good measure.

Author stats: WebsiteTwitter Instagram

Book stats: paperback, 272 pages, Moot Point Productions, November 20, 2018

Thanks to TLC Book Tours for organizing this tour. Follow the rest of the tour stops Here.

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  1. Thank you for being on this tour- I finished it last week or so and I really enjoyed it. My daughter (14) is almost finished with it and is really like Brit as well! Sara @ TLC Book Tours

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