Blog Tour: Kill, Sleep, Repeat by Britney King

I received a free digital copy of the book in exchange for my participation in this tour.

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

Several times a week, Charlotte Jones leaves suburbia behind and boards a chartered flight to parts unknown, where she wraps her hands around the necks of marks for just as long as she has to.

Then she goes back to domestic life with a paycheck, defense wounds, and the sense that she can handle anything.

Which is good, because being a wife, mother, and sociopath, with an insatiable taste for murder, gives the term work-life balance new meaning. When one life unexpectedly bleeds into the other, leading to a secret admirer and borderline insta-fame, Charlotte is forced to ask herself if she really can have it all.

Slick and unsettling, Kill, Sleep, Repeat is a cunning tale of deception and desire that begs the question: Do we ever really know people the way we think we do?


You guys! What did I just read?! MIND. BLOWN. This is potentially my new favorite Britney King masterpiece. It was so perfectly twisted, with just enough disgusting tossed in to make me slightly uncomfortable.

Ok, so what can I actually say about this book without giving everything away? Nothing, really. I think you need to take what’s given to you in the synopsis, and run with it. Sharing anything else will ruin all the fun. I will say, though, that you probably shouldn’t expect to like many of the characters. (Although did you really expect to? Didn’t think so.)

I can tell you that it’s a binge-worthy read, and you’re likely to finish it in just a couple of hours. Maybe let the fam know they’re going to be on their own for a while, then go find your hidey hole. Part of me thinks I should tell you to suspend your beliefs before reading it, because the story is kind of out there. But then I think, “isn’t that the point? It’s just far-fetched enough to verge on no way. . . Except maybe it’s actually possible?”

Final verdict: if you love a dark, twisted tale of sex, murder, and deceit, you should grab a copy of this book. It’s the kind of messed up trip I have grown to love from Britney King.

Learn about the author online on her Website. Visit her online on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Thanks to Enticing Journey Book Promotions for organizing this tour. Follow the rest of the tour stops Here.

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